Does any of this sound familiar?

Living gluten free is not easy – What would make your life better?

There may be new options to help you deal with all the hurdles a gluten free diet can pose 

Are you missing out?

Are you missing out on important holiday’s, social gatherings, travel or simply dining out?

Are you worrying?

Are you worrying about accidental gluten ingestion even when you have taken precautions during these situations? This may lead to embarrassing symptoms that can be devastating.

Do you have anxiety?

Do you have anxiety about cross-contamination or exposure to gluten when you are unsure about the foods you ingest?

What if...

  • You were able to live your life without fear of being ‘glutened’?
  • You could take a natural substance that would protect you from gluten?
  • You could take a pill within 30 minutes of a meal that breaks down the gluten in the small intestine, where the damage occurs?
  • You were able to enjoy those social gatherings with less anxiety?
  • You were able to improve your quality of life by adding more protection to your gluten free diet?