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Gluten Here, Gluten There, Gluten Everywhere!

These days, gluten seems to lurk everywhere. Outside your “safe zone”, it can be virtually impossible to avoid gluten, even for the most seasoned celiac. “Gluten-Free” labels can be misleading, requiring you to become a food detective, not to mention the cross-contamination that occurs in foods like oats (see study below). “Gluten-Free” labels can have as much as 20ppm of gluten, which for many means a reaction still may occur, creating unwanted anxiety and embarrassing moments. Moreover, for many celiacs this leads to an immune reaction and a full-blown inflammatory response, further increasing risks of long-term chronic illnesses, such as:

4x greater risk of developing small bowel cancers 2x greater risk of developing coronary artery disease Increased risk of mortality, (cardiovascular disease, cancers (e.g., lymphoma) and respiratory diseases.1
Osteoporosis Malnutrition Fatigue
Infertility Arthritis Iron-deficiency anemia
Neural Ataxia (motor skills) Liver and biliary tract disorders Iron-deficiency anemia
1. Lebwohl B, Green PHR, Söderling J, Roelstraete B, Ludvigsson JF. Association Between Celiac Disease and Mortality Risk in a Swedish Population. JAMA. 2020 Apr 7;323(13):1277-1285